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auto glass eugene oregon The certified service technicians at Auto Body Eugene are fully trained specialists in repairing or replacing all areas of auto glass on all late and current vehicle models.  Our auto glass repair center offers auto glass repair or replacement for auto windshields, rear window glass, door window glass and rock chip repairs. 


Auto Body Eugene’s office staff is well versed and efficient when it comes to helping you file an insurance auto glass claim or any other auto body repairs you may need.  It is always good to know that when we help you with the filing of your auto glass repair claim, that “some” auto insurance providers will often waive your deductible if all that is needed is an auto glass rock chip repair.


We ask you to visit or call the experts at Auto Body Eugene for a free auto glass repair or replacement quote.  We will inform you at this time about the extent of the repair and if your windshield rock chip can be repaired based on the extent of the damage.  We will always give you an honest estimate and professional advice.


Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Services

Rock Chip Repair

The purpose of repairing a rock chip in your auto glass windshield is to restore the integrity of the windshield. The auto glass repair is not cosmetically perfect, however it will be less noticeable and ultimately less of an expenditure than replacing the entire vehicles windshield.


Auto Body Eugene can repair small chips caused by road debris and the every day hazard of items flying off of passing vehicles or kicked up by passing vehicles tires. For safety reasons it is best to repair the small chips in your vehicles windshield before they become a large crack and lead to complete auto windshield replacement.  Most small chip repairs can be made in around an hour and at times are often covered by your car insurance policy.


The auto glass rock chip repair is a complete and permanent repair of your windshield auto glass.  Removing air from the small break in the windshield by being filled with a curable, optically matched resin completes the rock chip repair process.  Auto door and rear window glass is tempered auto glass and ultimately will shatter when an object makes impact.   Most late model vehicle windshields are made up of laminated pieces of glass.  Laminated glass has two layers of glass with a piece of laminate in the middle that holds the windshield together to prevent shattering.


Windshield Replacement

windshield repair eugene oregon

We perform windshield replacements for almost every make and model of vehicles. When replacing a windshield, we take the time to inspect the condition of the pinch weld.   What is a pinch weld?  Simply put, a pinch weld is the one-inch ledge surrounding the opening of the vehicle that supports the auto glass windshield where the adhesive attaches to the auto glass.  It is very critical that when having an auto windshield replaced, that this attention is given to prevent any obstacles from interfering with the setting of the adhesive.


The courtesy pre-wash that we do on every vehicle that comes into our auto body shop, allows us to test the seal of the windshield after its replacement.  This guarantees that your windshield is sealed to prevent hazards; leaks or further cracks and you will drive away with a very clean automobile.


To further assure your safety, when your windshield installation is complete, we finish up the windshield replacement process, by vacuuming and blowing the entire vehicle.  This thorough cleaning is not only part of our superior customer service and satisfaction, but also assures your safety by removing any remaining glass particles that may at times settle within the vehicle vents at the time of the auto accident.


We also feel that is important to inform you, for the safety of vehicle passengers, that in most late model vehicles the newly replaced auto windshield is now part of your vehicles structural component.  Should the auto windshield in these late models not be installed correctly, and an accident occurs that involves a “rollover” accident, the incorrectly installed auto windshield may not handle this type of accident and could result in serious bodily injury.

Our lifetime guarantee is not only available on our auto body repair work, but also on our auto glass repairs as long as you own your vehicle!